"I think of him as a  smooth film noir Nick Cave OR BOB DYLAN who HAS somehow fused FOLK, Big Band, R&B, Western, jazz, ELECTRONICA and Euro-beats ..   He IS his own genre." 

--Scotty San dwich, Co-Producer

"Silvio's catalog boasts a blend of stories, sounds, emotional impact and vocals timed with all the hurt and precision of a well-executed arrow strike.   Slaughter can forge work and fuse techniques and genres featuring elements you might suspect would crumble in most hands.   Beckoning to listeners with music like an epic film score at times, yet  as personal as letters between long time friends, Slaughter punctuates the air with a beautifully tangled vision you should not miss. "
--Miles Bates, The Daily Dispatch

 "Let this celestial genie touch you wherever it hurts and be healed in his web of sonic grace."   --Kevin Stein, Tribalmedia

"His debut album, "New Songs of Love Arrested By Space and Time", is a work of genius, madness, maybe both."  --David Menconi, The News and Observer

Silvanus Slaughter's (or 'Silvio' as he is known regionally) fourth album, "The Wonder of It All", fuses Rock, Folk, Funk, a little Jazz, Electronica and Retro-Western into a wry, romantic style uniquely his own.   

Chicago-born co-producer Scotty Sandwich, who has recorded and produced hundreds of punk and post-punk bands, found Silvio's genre-bending style intriguing.  "Silvio and I learned a lot working with each other on this album, and  we plan to work together again on his next release."

Silvio and Scotty rebuilt a song  cycle of 11 demos  recorded in Slaughter's home studio written between 2005 and 2017.  Silvio took them to The Sand Wich Shoppe where he and Scotty attacked them from bottom-to-top beginning April 2022 (A faulty Motu unit had corrupted many of the demos with noise).  Scotty reimagined the sound and attack of Silvio's piano and guitars with his formidable mixing skills, and brought  his own streamlined bass signature to the bottom end of every track, except for "The Lazy Rhythms of the Rodeo Way," on which Silvio plays bass. 

Scotty also added a punk-thrash sensibility with his own guitar to "Milanese Nocturne (This Lonesome Train)" which Silvio had written and performed since 2006 as a Krafttwerkian electro-pop love letter to a dalliance in Venice.  

Whizzing across the great American West with his baritone and arsenal of rhythms, Slaughter has honed his vast musical influences into a non-stop 38 minute journey across  a 21st century America see-sawing between heart and mind, romance and reason, and, to quote Joan Didion,  'slouching towards Bethlehem'. 

Photography:  Daniel Buckley

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