Twelve memorable songs from a Southern master of crossover pop.  

Silvanus Slaughter's (or Silvio as he is known regionally) third album fuses rock, folk, funk, a little jazz, and authentic country into a wry-but-romantic style uniquely his own.   Anyone bemoaning the scarcity of soul, melodicism or insight in modern  pop need go no further.

Featuring "Personality," "My Days With You," "Forgive Me," "The Muted Sighs of Love," and "Time Slips Away," Silvio solidifies himself as a smooth-voiced, world-traveled musical chameleon, a musical Dr. Lao shaken and stirred with a twist of David Bowie's baritone and Joni Mitchell's revealing pen, his funky metronome set to a Texas Big Beat while scoping his landscape in sunglasses and a cowboy hat.   He's honed and focused his vast musical influences into a non-stop 45 minute journey across  a 21st century America see-sawing between heart and mind, romance and reason.

Every tale  of his nomadic journey is rendered with the detail of a cinematographer and the hand of a novelist, and stitched into  rhythms and hooks germane to an exiled farm boy seeking completion  in the desire-filled blue hours of American cities.  


 "Let this celestial genie touch you wherever it hurts and be healed in his web of sonic grace."   Kevin Stein, Tribalmedia

Words and Music by Silvanus Slaughter.

Executive Producer: Silvanus Slaughter 

Co-Produced by Patrick Currin and Silvanus Slaughter.

Recorded at Big Elf Creative Studio.  Mastered by Brent Lambert.

Photography: Susan Woodson Buchanan

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