Thanks for your interest in the music.  Inquiries about licensing or other matters may be sent to Silviospheric via the attached form.

In addition to Silvio's compositions for "Miracles and Light" and "The World The Flesh The Piercing of the Heart", be sure to sample "Many Realms,"  a preview of his cinematic opus, "Symphonic Jazz-Pop Abstractions Volumes 1-7" on the In Progress page. This is a preview of his neo-classical, jazz, electronica and contemporary music marathon, a 100-song gold mine of original, finished tunes suitable for producers and directors crafting films and commercials.  

Any and all file exports of Silvio's music may be  conformed by request to the needs of engineers and/or music supervisors. 

Producers and directors interested in his pop albums, or his extensive and as-yet-unreleased catalog of cross-genre symphonic, jazz, neo-classical and film score works may inquire about receiving more digital or physical samples.

Please respect Silvio's copyright on his music if you plan on using it for anything other than personal use. 

For acquiring a mechanical, synch or performance license for commercial productions, please list the title for which you have an interest and your purpose for acquiring a license in the message box.  

Downloads or CDs purchased through iTunes, Amazon, or any other website, including online streaming, are not royalty free and are not considered licensed.

All music used for anything other than personal used must be licensed through Silviospheric Publishing Company (ASCAP) or one of its representatives or affiliates.