1. Personality

From the recording Miracles and Light

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Daddy, please lend me a dime for a play:
My favorite song is on the jukebox again.
They took it off for so long.
Did the patrons complain
about a boy who could sing?

Summer--- it ended the other day.
I returned some calls… to stay in touch with old friends.
I felt the chill of the Fall
go back to where memory ends,
wrapped in the rhyme of our tune.

You know, the one they called

Daybreak --- all the highways that we would take.
Cafes --- waitresses and music made up our days….

Winter – you talked about life in Brazil.
You said we’d never be broke:
“There’s land and coffee to kill.”
You’d smile at me through your smoke.
I knew it gave you a thrill
to dream of things far away

while the jukebox played

Now I see --- how that tune became my reality.
A waking dream – and the people down the road who’d be part of me.

Mamma – she passed away Saturday.
I feel so alone; what to do with my life?
Will I ever have home,
and maybe someone to love?
My journey’s just been our song.

You know the one they called