From the recording Miracles and Light

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“Baby,” she said, “baby:
I think the Nashville scene is poised for my success, and
Maybe, oh, just maybe:
the manager and publicist will expedite the rest.

Gotta make them all see that Miranda’s now old hat.
Well, the only thing that gets her news is that her lover's looking doped and …not all that.

“Baby, she sighed, baby:
You’re so naïve... you think they care about the songs.
Crazy, I know, its crazy;
They find the face, and then the star gets pasted on.

That’s how the business works we’re digitized for uber-speed.
Oh, you’re reading holy books and it’s apparent to me that you’re feeling guilt for your own greed.”

“Baby,” he said, “baby:
You’re not the girl who slept so close to me.
Crazy, I feel so crazy.
Our shiny life is full of holes the blind could see.

How can you get on stage with so much disdain for their needs?
You give them next to nothing, just a corporate design to make them all machinery.

That’s how the story goes
The lover leaves and has his say.
The starlet goes her way.

The wealthy count their bullion
and then block the needful calls
to shoulder up their walls.

Some days he shops at Safeway.
The glossy magazines adorn the sparkly hell.
And Baby, she smiles there sweetly.
He realizes there was no one there
to know well.