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Fond of that lovely light.
Vistas without limits,
oh, you know that I’m right!

You’re young and so full of dreams,
Oh, listen to the whispers to avoid the screams.

Maybe you think I’m out of time and hurt by all I’ve seen.
Let me assure you I’m quite wise, and strong as I am lean.

Youth takes you by the hand.
Ideals turn to demons in foreign lands.
Cling to your inner core.
You see the rich and famous,
Well, they still want more.

And the boy by the lake
turns his eyes up to,
and I wonder if he listens or just plays make-believe.

I say somebody’s gonna break your heart to pieces.
Some girl is gonna treat you less than special.

You’ve got some time, young lad.
Great love will take the artist then drive him mad.
But I’ve survived to say that
the trip is worth the pain
and that’s just the way

And the boy by the lake
Listens there by the tree
And I wonder if I’m preaching to the choir or just to me.

I say somebody’s gonna break your heart to pieces..
Oh, you’re gonna treat some girl much less than special…

You’re fond of that lovely light…