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I'll go my way
I leave today
your terms demand that I must
dim my light to make you feel secure.

Your room is too loud
those burlesque clouds and hip hop schemes
you crank that volume high
to kill the fear''cause you're not sure

of what's in your mind
you're stimulated almost all the time
what's in your heart
oh, you ain't street and you're too old to be

lost in a dream
with an I Phone
and his pants hanging down.
Why can't you see
that you're always testing my love
until I cry?

Forgive these words
but I've earned the right to say the things
I think I feel
you know I wouldn't give God less

You've gone astray
and good luck in Time
with all those gazes you collect
and your deep hunger for the best.

Lost in a dream
oh, scroll that away then text
somebody else.
You'll never see
you micromanage Love
until that love has died.