1. Courting Pain

From the recording THE WONDER OF IT ALL

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Courting pain
was the novel of my life
listen, babe:

Time was grief
and what's a tale without time
my anxious darling?

All these figures in a scene
they reported grief back to me so eloquently.
Always waiting on a dream.
Y'know the dream that says it loves you.

How many times did it change its mind?!

it's a strange gravity that's always calling
where thoughts make more jails,
and what's a jail without a guard
my dreaming darling?

All these whispers and screams:
oh, the rose and thorn are married so eloquently.
I keep on working on a dream:
y'know, the one that says I love you.

How many times has it changed its mind?!

Rivers run deep in canals of the brain.
The brain wants a name for its game of guilt and shame.

Courting pain
ain't no way to spend your time,
listen, babe.

Life is sweet!
Oh don't throw away your days, my damaged darling.

All these merchants and schemes:
oh, they'll leave you high'n'dry then preach the end times are coming.

Don't be waiting on their dream.
You know the one that says you're worthy.

How many times did they change their minds?!