From the recording THE WONDER OF IT ALL

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Five hundred miles away.
Perhaps today he will call.
The kids have all gone back to school.

It’s been three aching weeks.
She swore that she would not miss
his kiss or his musical sigh.

Traveling through time to claim her present state of mind.
Weaving some sweet future for her past to find.

She’s grown accustomed to
a man to shape all her days.
A paved road is easier to climb.

He misses fun and play.
His ex wife loves to en-gi-neer
her landmines of complexity.

How can they unbind themselves from memory and tears.
One false move could seal their ending, baby.

Seasons of cautious love.
A season of strain.

I watch them from afar:
I know their trouble quite well.
Those smiley icons fade away!

Maybe he’ll want her more
than he now wants to be free
and take his chance on love again.

How can they release themselves from history and fear?
Too much pride or prudence beg an ending.

A season of cautious love.
A season of pain.